POLL EVERYWHERE Poll your students from anywhere using phones, ipods, laptops etc.

FIND A BOOK Type in the title of any book and find the Lexile reading level, or type in a student's reading level and get a custom list of books.

TINY CHAT Create free, protected online chatrooms for your students

WALL WISHER An online bulletin board

SCREEN JELLY Record your lessons online and send them to your students

SCREEN TOASTER Same as Screen Jelly, but with a few more bells and whistles

NATURAL READERS Download the free software. Highlight words, phrases, or pages on a website or document and Natural Readers will read it.

FEDERAL RESOURCES FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE Free teacher resources from government agencies

VOCAROO Add a voice recording to any document or website. This is a great way to give directions for non-readers. It's free!

FREE E-BOOK Web2.0 for Teachers